Using Facebook ads to sell your course with Bianca McKenzie – Episode 2.15

Show Notes

Let’s talk all things Facebook advertising.      Facebook ads are incredibly powerful when it comes to building your list and selling your program, but I am the first to admit that they are not my zone of genius.

This is why I have the amazing Bianca McKenzie on for you. 

Creating your course is one thing, but selling it is completely different. Unfortunately it isn’t just a matter of build it and they will come – you need to actively tell people about your course because otherwise how will they find it? Facebook ads are one way of doing this.

You may have heard of fellow marketers talking about the know, like and trust factor and this applies to selling your course as well. Before people buy your course, they need to get to know you, then decide that they like you and that they resonate with your work. After a while seeing enough of you and your content, they will then start to trust you. So selling your course with Facebook advertising is not as simple as putting up an ad and hoping people will buy.

A quick summary is:

  1. You can use Facebook ads to grow your audience by turning social posts into ads
  2. You can then use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your landing page and get people to sign up to your free offer – thereby getting them onto your email list.
  3. You can use Facebook ads to show those who are on your list &/or who have visited your sales page to encourage them to buy.

Bianca is a  Marketing agency owner and Facebook advertising strategist.   She helps entrepreneurs by taking the stress out of launching, generating targeted leads, making sales and growing businesses through Facebook advertising.

You can find more of Bianca here:

Bianca McKenzie

New School of Marketing Facebook Page


Action Steps

Check your foundations and infrastructure: 

  1. Do you have a free offer?
  2. Do you have a mailing list software?
  3. Do you have a landing page for your free offer?
  4. Do you have a thank you page to display after people sign up for your free offer?
  5. Do you have an email nurture sequence?
  6. Do you have a sales page for your course? 

If you answer no to any of these, that is the start to building your foundations and infrastructure before you start running Facebook ads to sell your course.

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