Ready to turn your content into an online course?

I’m Sam Winch – the course creator, with a name that sounds like a lunchtime food. 

I’m here to show you how to turn your content and knowledge into an engaging, user friendly, online course that your audience laps up.

Ready to create your own online course?


Yes, but I'm not sure where to start

“5 days to Course Clarity” will take you step by step through the key things you need to think about BEFORE you start to create your own online course.

And you can try it for just $5

I don't know how to structure my content

The Course Mapping Session is perfect for you if you’ve got a head full of stuff, but every time to go to write it into a course, you draw a blank.

I’ll draw all of the gold out of your head and turn it into a course outline for you.

Want to be guided through the process?

“How to create your own online course”
focuses on creating clear learning outcomes, on making actionable content, and on supporting our students along the way… because that’s what gets them results, and creates raving fans for you.
The full course, includes 7 modules, a complete workbook and co-working sessions

But Sam, I just want you to do it for me...

Sure thing! 

I offer a complete range of Done for You services.

From one off consulting, to full done for you online course platforms, my team and I can help you with mapping your course structure, creating your graphics and workbooks, or completely building all of your tech. 

I’ll work with you to create a solution specific to your needs, and provide you with a personalised quote to suit your situation.

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Sam Winch Fans

Hi, I'm Sam Winch

I’m the course creator who’s name sounds like a lunchtime food.

I help busy business owners turn their content into courses.

With over 16 years experience facilitating and a decade of building courses, I know how to make the process as painless as possible.
Building courses and content to suit diverse environments and audiences is the jam in my sandwich.

When I’m not busy creating courses,
or making terrible sandwich puns about my name, I’ve got my hands full wrangling 4 kids.

Brands I've worked with

Here are some of the awesome brands I’ve built content, facilitated, or spoken for. 

You might have seen me

I often write for, or I’m interviewed by, a range of platforms.
If you think course creation might be helpful for your audience to, please contact me.

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